Our Projects

Our latest venture, OCIA Spark! A small gaming accelerator, hoping to make a splash in the indie gaming space.

Lioden is the first of its kind, a browser-based sim-RPG in which you are the King of your pride of lions, set in the African landscape.

Sister to Lioden, Wolvden lets you take on the role of leader of a pack of wolves, adventuring in the expanse of North America.

Meet the Team


A talented and passionate coder who specializes in creating browser games. In her spare time, she also enjoys taking care of her numerous pets, indulging in a good cup of coffee, and exploring a variety of other hobbies. She is a well-rounded individual who is always looking for new and exciting ways to challenge herself. Whether she's coding her next big game or spending time with her beloved animals, Abbey approaches everything she does with enthusiasm and dedication.

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